Exclude Pinterest From Google Search

Pinterst is adored by those who use it, but it is not widely used by many Google image search users due to the fact that you must have an account and be logged in in order to view any gallery in full or save photographs.

When you need an image right away, this adds an additional step that many people just do not have the time to complete.

Use the following Google search query to find images for the extremely popular search term december global holidays while excluding Pinterest from Google search results:

december global holidays -site:pinterest.*

Let's take it step by step:

  • december global holidays is the search term
  • -site: tells Google search to block the following url
  • pinterest.* is the actual url you want to block

(Take note of the .* at the end of the real url; this is a wildcard that instructs the browser to ignore any domains, such as .com, .co.uk, .org, and so on)

Image of Google image search for december global holidays exclude pinterest

The graphic above depicts how the results will appear when Pinterest has been excluded from the search.

For example, if you only want results from pinterest.com and not from any other domains, you can type in the complete domain name:

december global holidays -site:pinterest.com

You can choose to exclude as many websites as you wish, for example:

december global holidays -site:pinterest.* -site:worldstrides.*

Alternatively, if you only want results from Pinterest for any reason, you can eliminate the small - before the site:

december global holidays site:pinterest.*

Other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, should be able to use this technique when searching for all of the categories (not images).

Using this information, you may exert greater control over your search results, which might be handy when looking for content for your social network accounts, for example. You'll get what you want without having to deal with all the nonsense. 🎄